Friday, December 17, 2010

Make yourself a YouTube star

YouTube is being a revolution in online media, a truly democratised broadcasting platform, and the pinnacle of user-generated content. There is a group of people be known as a YouTube star. And millions of people want to be a YouTube star. Here is a guide about how to shoot, edit and make great YouTube video.

Hopefully, this guide will tell you how you to can become a YouTube legend.

1.Get a video camera. This is vital, although in a pinch a mobile phone with a video camera fitted will suffice.

2.Get an creative idea . A good idea for a video could be mouthing the words to your favorite song or filming yourself performing a stunt you can do. Sometimes you just need to have a camera on you when funny stuff starts happening. If you think something has potential for comedy, start shooting.
Such as :
(1) Lip-synching
If you can leap around your bedroom miming along to a suitable hit, you're guaranteed a big audience. Well, you are if you do it right - the standard needs to be considerably higher even than you'd see from actual pop stars on TV.
(2)Fight strangers in the street
One street fighter, Kimbo Slice, has actually turned his vids into a lucrative merchandising business.
(3) Make high-quality one-minute vids reviewing hot gadgets of the day

3. Edit your video. The finished video should concentrate on the most interesting moments and skip all the boring details.
With a video converter or video converter for Mac software you can trim, crop the video, adjust the video format, add watermark at will.

4. Post it on YouTube. This step is obvious. Get the video out into the world.
Don't be embarassed. Numa Numa kid wouldn't have got millions of hits if he had been embarrassed of his crazy moves.

5. Spread the word. Make sure all your friends know and ask them to tell people too. Soon enough you'll have a few hundred hits to boast about, and before too long the word will spread even further.

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