Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I was born for travel

To me, there's nothing better than wearing out the soles of my hiking boots on long and sometimes rugged paths.Seeing and experiencing life on foot is a passion of mine. Given that I'm always interested in learning and daydreaming about long-distance walks.

The Place where I want to go to:

Venice Italy
Elegant Venetian buildings and palaces peer over the historical maze of narrow streets and labyrinth of canals that contrive to make this a unique city. Tourists naturally flock to Venice to experience its inimitable charm. The downside of this can be felt in the narrow streets and cramped piazzas of its sought-after areas.

Amsterdam Netherlands
Lively, lascivious Amsterdam has a unique atmosphere that belies the caricature of the dour Dutch.Radiating out from the Dam Square, the historic centre of the city is ringed by quaint canals and cobbled streets, thronged with bicycles, tourists, houseboats, students, and street performers.

Budapest Hungary
Budapest is the capital of Hungary, and with a population of 1.8 million citizens, it is by far the biggest city in the country. The city is often referred to as the Paris of the east, and deserves this name. It bears some resemblance to Prague, but is larger and friendlier.

London England
Whether you arrive in London via the underground or inside one of the citys ubiquitous black taxicabs, you will immediately be greeted by a deep sense of history and met with the unique vibrancy of this incredible destination. In its dark and troubled past, the city of London has survived Roman occupancy, sackings from the Celts, Romans, Vikings and Saxons, a Norman invasion, two amazing fires, the bubonic plague, Nazi bombings, the Spice Girls and Damien Hirst.

The Place where I have been went to:


Stockholm is the most regal, elegant, and intriguing city in Scandinavia, although don't tell our Danish and Norwegian friends that we said that. Stockholm presides over a country the size of California (without the massive population) and believes in high taxes and big government. Although the city was founded more than 7 centuries ago, it did not become the official capital of Sweden until the mid-17th century. Today Stockholm reigns over a modern welfare state and it is one of the world's most liberal, progressive, and democratic societies, a devotee of such issues as same-sex unions and gender equality.

I just like to see the world on foot, a digital camera, an iPhone and a video converter for Mac software are all I need when I travelled. With a digital camera I can record the memorable moment, with iPhone and a video coverter software I can enjoy all my favorite on the road.

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