Friday, December 24, 2010

last minute gifts idea

1. Image Personalized Calendars
Last Minute Gift Idea: If you want a cool, creative gift for less than $20, you can order a uniquely personalized standing desk or wall calendars that have never before been offered to the public. These are not the typical calendars featuring family photos or other standard real-life images. Each month your clients will see a special image that is custom-made for them, like leaves on the ground or snow on a car windshield spelling out their name. They’re a perfect personalized gift.

2.Take Them To The Movies!
Last Minute Gift Idea: I like to keep it different and unique. I’m taking a few friends who contribute and work with me to the movies. It’s not something you get to do often, it’s affordable, you can chat a bit and relax at the same time. I let them pick the movie as well!

3.Gifts That Give More!
Last Minute Gift Idea: Giving charity gift cards for business gifts is a great way to use your philanthropy to enhance your corporate image. Charity gift cards work like merchant gift cards but, instead of buying things at a store, the recipient goes on-line to choose a charity they like. Everyone wins: You and your company give a meaningful, eco-friendly tax-deductible gift. The recipient chooses a charity they like from over 150 well known charities and, the charity receives much need funds.

4. Custom Flash Drives
Last Minute Gift Idea: Custom Flash Drives imprinted with your logo are a great gift for your clients which will keep your Brand name in the mind of your clients every time they use it to transfer their valuable data.

5.A Walkman or Discman will be popular with most young people. With a Video Converter for Mac software the gift will be perfect. Just make sure they don't already have the model.

6.A subscription to a favorite magazine is a very quick and easy gift. You can usually find out from a spouse what magazine would be best and even get a subscription card from them.

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