Saturday, November 27, 2010

4 reasons why I love iPhone

Love it or hate it, the iPhone has been a hot topic since its launch. For most iPhone users this isn't just a phone -- it's a mobile communications device that boasts few true rivals in the marketplace.
Let’s have a look at the iPhone 4’s biggest features:

1. Video recording capabilities. You can freely record a quick video, trim your recording, or even upload it to your YouTube account.

2. Vast storage capacity. Are you good with 16GB? Would you rather have 32GB? Either way, you'll get what you want.

3.There's the mobile Internet. For that long trip, I can quickly look up the train schedules if I'm not taking my usual train or find out the reason for the latest delay.
4. Enjoy DVD video anytime anywhere. With a great Free Mac DVD Ripper software, you can transfer all your DVD collection to your iPhone so you can enjoy them anywhere you want.

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